Internships & Career Planning

Relationships with Faculty

Congratulations on deciding to pursue an internship. There's no better time to try on different career options than now! As part of presenting yourself to a possible employer, you will need recommendations from faculty members at Duke. Take the opportunity while you're here at Duke to foster relationships with specific faculty members. This may involve going to office hours-whether you need to or not, or having FLUNCH (Faculty + Lunch) with the faculty member and some friends.

Due to the smaller sizes of the ME courses many of these relationships will happen naturally. However, do try to capitalize on this opportunity as much as possible. The results can be invaluable.


Internships are powerful opportunities for students. They allow students to gain experience and perspective on how the real world works. This insight makes students more competitive during job interviews.

These People Can Help

Donald Bliss
Director, Graduate Program

Kirsten Shaw
Assistant Director of Corporate and Industry Relations
Pratt School of Engineering

Professional Societies

Active engagement in local chapters of professional organizations such as the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Duke Chapter and American Society of Mechanical Engineers Duke Chapter indicate to potential employers a dedication to your major, a desire to enhance your expertise, and an interest in developing professional relationships. Besides, they're fun!