Master's Certificates

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Aerospace Research

Expand your learning experience through Aerospace Research Graduate Certificate (SOAR)

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The focused curriculum explores:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Acoustics
  • Mathematical and computational methods
  • Structures and dynamics
  • And more

Offered as a degree enhancement by Duke MEMS to further focus their academic preparation.

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Light-based technologies as pathways to high-impact research and development

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Explore potential effects on:

  • Communications
  • Computing
  • Health care
  • And more

Offered by the Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics, part of the Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Gain knowledge and confidence to launch your startup

For aspiring innovators and founders from any of Duke’s graduate and professional graduate programs, including engineering

  • Complement your degree, support your career goals and expand your professional network
  • Learn how to turn your ideas into impacts

Offered through Duke’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative, a university-wide program.

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New Certificates Coming January 2023

Advanced Surgical Robotics

Join the thriving field of surgical technology

Duke has long been a leader in health care innovation. This certificate gives students access to the Duke faculty and labs where the next generation of surgical technologies is being developed. These include:

  • Automated laser scalpel systems for neurosurgery and dermatology
  • Advanced imaging with micrometer resolution:
    • Photoacoustic microscopy
    • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
  • New techniques to measure and analyze surgeon performance on robotic surgical systems
  • Many others

A part of the NSF-sponsored TAST traineeship program, which is led by Duke MEMS.

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AI in Materials Science

A one-of-a-kind program, providing training in both materials science and AI/ML fundamentals

This program grew from the Materials Genome Initiative, which kicked off the paradigm shift to data-driven artificial intelligence (AI) approaches to developing novel materials with desired physical properties not found in nature. 

Our students are:

  • Fluent in both AI/machine learning and materials physics
  • Creating algorithms to design novel materials
  • Leaders at the cutting edge of the new materials revolution

A part of the NSF-sponsored aIM-NRT traineeship program, which is led by Duke MEMS.

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Robotics & Autonomy

Prepare to become a leader in robotics

Meet society's need for ethically-trained roboticists:

  • Experience learning from a cross-disciplinary association of research and teaching spanning three Duke academic departments
  • Join a team focused on world-class research and innovative teaching
  • Gain exposure to Duke’s expertise in mechanical design, dynamics, control, and the latest thinking on the social implications of robotics
  • Become a part of the next generation of leading robotics thinkers and creators

A master's degree enhancement offered by Duke MEMS.

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