Master's Admissions

Before you apply

We receive many questions about what distinctive qualities make applicants stand out. Here are a few pointers you should read as you prepare your application.

General Guidance

Before you begin, make sure you have read over all the application directions for your specific program.

The Master of Science (MS) and Master of Engineering (MEng) applications are slightly different, operate on different deadlines, and are managed by separate offices at Duke. You may apply to both programs, but if you plan on doing so, you should first contact Master's Admissions for more detailed instructions.

Your Statement of Purpose

Our primary intent with the Statement of Purpose is for you to show evidence in your application that you:

  1. Understand exactly why you want to pursue a graduate degree
  2. Articulate a clear career trajectory within which Duke MEMS is a key element to your success and recognize the important resources on our campus that would support your vision
  3. Celebrate and exhibit the same community qualities and standards that make our institution unique, and would consider yourself a positive contributor to our community of inclusivity
  4. Have a long track-record of cocurricular and extracurricular involvement

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of reference are a critical part of your application materials.  We require three (3) letters from people who know you well. We have found that letters are strongest from people who can talk about:

  1. Your abilities to think and work independently and creatively
  2. That you are self-motivated and mature in your professional accomplishments, as much as in your personal ones
  3. Your response to criticism and adversity, and your resilience when pursuing goals

Video Essay

This uncommon element of our application has been a "make-or-break" addition for so many students.

Students who were borderline applicants have proven themselves during this essay while others who were seemingly stellar showed us they were not quite ready for Duke. We want you to show us who you are (both professonally and personally) and that you can clearly deliver a compelling series of narratives that answer our prompts.

Your preparation is critical when you record your essay:

  • Do not read from a script, but engage us in a manner that is natural to you
  • Think about how you present yourself and be mindful of your words, body language, and surroundings

You do not have to submit a video that was recorded in just one take.

Merit transcends academic achievement

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For International Students

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Additional Application Fee for International Students? No No
Financial Support Documentation Required at Time of Application? No No
Minimum TOEFL Score Paper: 577
Internet: 90
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Minimum IELTS Score 7.0 Not accepted
TOEFL/IELTS Waivers Available? Yes »  Yes »

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