Why Duke MEMS?

We provide a personalized learning experience for every student

At Duke MEMS, we view learning as a partnership, where students and faculty share the responsibility to excel.

Our curriculum emphasizes design skills, teamwork, and ethics. Our graduates are well-equipped engineers, ready to lead and take on the biggest challenges facing humanity and our planet.

The Duke Difference

Our undergraduate program of mechanical engineering study includes:

  • Authentic, hands-on design experiences from the first semester
  • Fundamental grounding in mathematics and basic sciences
  • Team-based experiences in the process of design
  • Deep awareness of the social, ethical, environmental and economic factors relating to engineering activity—within a global context

The Duke ME program allows students the flexibility to pursue their own specialized interests—including hands-on research and independent study, certificates, dual majors, courses in the sciences and liberal arts, and study abroad.

Where Duke Students Go