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Interesting Engineering | July 13, 2020

Scientists Create First Cartilage Gel Strong Enough For Knees

Featuring Ken Gall


SPIE | July 7, 2020

Engineers Search for a Tiny Cure for a Big Problem

Featuring Jennifer West

Interesting Engineering | June 22, 2020

Duke University Engineers Build the World's Fastest Electric Monowheel

Featuring Anuj Thakkar


Oak Ridge National Laboratory | June 5, 2020

ORNL Spectrometry Research Advances Race Toward Safer Rechargeable Batteries

Featuring Olivier Delaire

Scientific American | April 20, 2020

Engineers Offer DIY Solutions to Coronavirus Equipment Shortages

Featuring Duke COVID-19 Engineering Response Team


The Toronto Star | April 6, 2020

The COVID-19 Time Warp: Why It Feels Like Time Has Slowed During This Pandemic

Featuring Adrian Bejan


Gizmodo | March 23, 2020

What's the Softest Thing?

Featuring David Needham