MEMS Graduate Student Committee at Carolina Tiger Rescue

MEMS Graduate Student Committee


To work with the MEMS Director of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Program Coordinator to recruit, educate and promote graduate students within the Duke Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science.

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Examples of committee activities

  • Weekly MEMS graduate student newsletter
  • Social: Bowling, Rooftop Bar
  • Outreach: Durham Women’s Shelter, Habitat for Humanity, voter registration, Carolina Tiger Rescue
  • Graduate Seminar Series
  • Outings and activities: Baseball games, rock climbing, soccer, flag football

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Concetta Morino

Concetta Morino
  • Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Undergrad: The Ohio State University
  • Research: Injury biomechanics
  • Lab: Dale Bass
  • Why I joined: This program is rapidly growing and I wanted to contribute to the growth through the recruitment of future members.
  • What I like most about Duke MEMS: The incredible people in this program have made Durham a home for me in such a short amount of time.

Karsten Poulsen

Karsten Poulsen
  • Hometown: Corcoran, Minn.
  • Undergrad: Twin Cities
  • Research: Nanoparticle-biomolecule interactions
  • Lab: Christine Payne
  • Why I joined: I wanted to join MEMS GSC to become a more active member of MEMS and work towards making MEMS a more inclusive and connected department.
  • What I like most about Duke MEMS: I really like the wide variety of research areas and interesting people within the MEMS department.

Ravi Prakash

Ravi Prakash
  • Hometown: Patna, India
  • Undergrad: National Institute of Technology, Warangal
  • Research: Wearable technology
  • Lab: Xiaoyue Ni
  • Why I joined: When I joined the MEMS program, I was surprised by the amount of support and professional development offered and wanted to be a part of such an active group.
  • What I like most about Duke MEMS: MEMS at Duke shows a remarkable number of interdisciplinary initiatives and I enjoy having the opportunity to work with students and faculty with diverse backgrounds.

Ariana Quek

  • Hometown: Johor Bahur, Malaysia
  • Undergrad: University of Southampton, UK
  • Research: Computational mechanics
  • Lab: Johann Guilleminot
  • Why I joined: To meet and connect with new people outside my lab, and be a more active member in the department
  • What I like most about Duke MEMS: I like the interdisciplinary nature of research within MEMS, and most importantly, the people in this program are very supportive of each other.

Luisa Piccolo Serafim

Luisa Piccolo Serafim
  • Hometown: Criciúma, Brazil
  • Undergrad: Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
  • Research: Aeroelastic model in super/hypersonic flow
  • Lab: Earl Dowell
  • Why I joined: The multidisciplinarity of research topics in the department and how we can easily interact with people from different fields of study within the same group
  • What I like most about Duke MEMS: MEMS at Duke shows a remarkable number of interdisciplinary initiatives and I enjoy having the opportunity to work with students and faculty with diverse backgrounds.

Amanda Heimbrook

  • Hometown: Clarksville, Md.
  • Undergrad: Virginia Tech
  • Research: 3D-printed metals for biomedical applications
  • Lab: Ken Gall
  • Why I joined: To continue to meet and connect with more people and stay involved in MEMS
  • What I like most about Duke MEMS: Before I even started, the MEMS GSC and faculty made me feel welcomed and supported. I also appreciate the broad range of available resources and equipment.
Anshu Agarwal

Anshu Agarwal

  • Hometown: Denver, Colo.
  • Undergrad: UC Berkeley
  • Research: Disease-modifying treatment of osteoarthritis
  • Lab: Shyni Varghese
  • Why I joined: MEMS has an awesome sense of community, and I want to contribute to that!
  • What I like most about Duke MEMS: The department is so interdisciplinary. From energy efficiency to advancements in healthcare, the research in MEMS is extremely diverse and exciting to be a part of!

Ryne Wang

Ryne Wang
  • Hometown: Zhejiang, China
  • Undergrad: University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Research: Unsteady pressure on airfoil
  • Lab: Bob Kielb
  • Why I joined: To bring students in MEMS together and distribute available resources to those who need them
  • What I like most about Duke MEMS: People in Duke MEMS are all very welcoming, helpful and knowledgeable.

Gabi Koknat

Gabi Koknat
  • Hometown: Loveland, Ohio
  • Undergrad: University of Cincinnati
  • Research: Computational energy materials
  • Lab: Volker Blum
  • Why I joined: I joined GSC to help build more community between students.
  • What I like most about Duke MEMS: The brilliant women in the department!