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Harnessing Macrophages for Vascularization in Tissue Engineering

Annals of Biomedical Engineering | Dec 2018

Authors include: Jennifer L West [doi]

Porous PEEK improves the bone-implant interface compared to plasma-sprayed titanium coating on PEEK

Biomaterials | Dec 2018

Authors include: Ken Gall [doi]

A hierarchical stepwise approach to evaluate nasal patency after virtual surgery for nasal airway obstruction

Clinical Biomechanics | Dec 2018

Authors include: Dennis O Frank-ito [doi]

XtalOpt Version r12: An open-source evolutionary algorithm for crystal structure prediction

Computer Physics Communications | Dec 2018

Authors include: Stefano Curtarolo, Cormac H Toher [doi]

Inelastic condensed dynamic models for estimating seismic demands for buildings

Engineering Structures | Dec 2018

Authors include: Henri P Gavin [doi]

Design and experimental study of a Nonlinear Energy Sink coupled to an electromagnetic energy harvester

Journal of Sound & Vibration | Dec 2018

Authors include: Brian Mann [doi]

On the robustness of variational multiscale error estimators for the forward propagation of uncertainty

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics & Engineering | Dec 2018

Authors include: Guglielmo Scovazzi, Johann Guilleminot [doi]

Structural behavior of shallow geodesic lattice domes

International Journal of Solids & Structures | Dec 2018

Authors include: Lawrence N Virgin [doi]

High-entropy high-hardness metal carbides discovered by entropy descriptors

Nature Communications | Nov 2018

Authors include: Stefano Curtarolo, Cormac H Toher [doi]

Acoustic tweezers for the life sciences

Nature Methods | Nov 2018

Authors include: Tony J Huang [doi]

Simulation of the entanglement of a North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis ) with fixed fishing gear

Marine Mammal Science | Nov 2018

Authors include: Douglas Nowacek, Laurens E Howle [doi]

Dusting Efficiency of the Moses Holmium Laser: An Automated In Vitro Assessment

Journal of Endourology | Nov 2018

Authors include: Evan Carlos, Michael E Lipkin, Walter N Simmons, Glenn M Preminger, Chloe Peters, Brenton B Winship, Jingqiu Li [doi]

Experimental validation of phase space conduits of transition between potential wells

| Nov 2018

Authors include: Lawrence N Virgin [doi]

Stability of coupled human and stand-up paddle board

Sports Engineering (International Sports Engineering Association) | Nov 2018

Authors include: Brian Mann [doi]

Impact of Morphology on Printed Contact Performance in Carbon Nanotube Thin-Film Transistors

Advanced Functional Materials | Nov 2018

Authors include: Aaron D Franklin, Benjamin J Wiley [doi]