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Effect of porous orthopaedic implant material and structure on load sharing with simulated bone ingrowth: A finite element analysis comparing titanium and PEEK.

Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials | Apr 2018

Authors include: Ken Gall [doi]

Novel evaporator architecture with entrance-length crossflow-paths for supercritical Organic Rankine Cycles

International Journal of Heat & Mass Transfer | Apr 2018

Authors include: Adrian Bejan [doi]

Mistuned Higher-Order Mode Forced Response of an Embedded Compressor Rotor—Part II: Mistuned Forced Response Prediction

Journal of Turbomachinery | Mar 2018

Authors include: Robert Kielb [doi]

On modal cross-coupling in the asymptotic modal limit

Journal of Sound & Vibration | Mar 2018

Authors include: Earl H Dowell [doi]

Dynamics of unforced and vertically forced rocking elliptical and semi-elliptical disks

Journal of Sound & Vibration | Mar 2018

Authors include: Brian Mann [doi]

Spermidine-Induced Attraction of Like-Charged Surfaces Is Correlated with the pH-Dependent Spermidine Charge: Force Spectroscopy Characterization

Langmuir | Feb 2018

Authors include: Piotr E Marszalek [doi]

Tailored Emission Spectrum of 2D Semiconductors Using Plasmonic Nanocavities

ACS Photonics | Feb 2018

Authors include: Maiken Mikkelsen [doi]

Tough, stable spiroacetal thiol?ene resin for 3D printing

Journal of Applied Polymer Science | Feb 2018

Authors include: Ken Gall [doi]

Functional Modification of Silica through Enhanced Adsorption of Elastin-Like Polypeptide Block Copolymers

Biomacromolecules | Feb 2018

Authors include: Ashutosh Chilkoti, Gabriel Lopez, Stefan Zauscher, Nichlaus Carroll [doi]

Impact of Diversity of Morphological Characteristics and Reynolds number on Local Hemodynamics in Basilar Aneurysms

AIChE Journal | Feb 2018

Authors include: Amanda Randles [doi]

On the manifestation of coexisting nontrivial equilibria leading to potential well escapes in an inhomogeneous floating body

Physica D | Feb 2018

Authors include: Brian Mann [doi]

The shifted boundary method for embedded domain computations. Part II: Linear advection–diffusion and incompressible Navier–Stokes equations

Journal of Computational Physics | Feb 2018

Authors include: Guglielmo Scovazzi [doi]

Effect of Stiffener Geometry on the Response of Grid-Stiffened Panels

Journal of Engineering Mechanics | Feb 2018

Authors include: Lawrence N Virgin [doi]

A magnetic resonance imaging framework for quantifying intervertebral disc deformation in vivo : reliability and application to diurnal variations in lumbar disc shape

Journal of Biomechanics | Feb 2018

Authors include: Adam P Goode, Charles E Spritzer, Melissa M Erickson, Louis E Defrate, Brian J Soher [doi]

Bacterially driven cadmium sulfide precipitation on porous membranes: Toward platforms for photocatalytic applications

Biointerphases | Feb 2018

Authors include: Lingchong You, Stefan Zauscher [doi]

Dual-scale Galerkin methods for Darcy flow

Journal of Computational Physics | Feb 2018

Authors include: Guglielmo Scovazzi [doi]

Acoustofluidic devices controlled by cell phones

Lab on a Chip - Miniaturisation for Chemistry & Biology | Jan 2018

Authors include: Tony Jun Huang [doi]