Upcoming Seminars

Dec 2 2015
Fluid-Structure Interaction and Coupled Sensitivity Analysis for Design Optimization of Both Static and Dynamic Aeroelastic Problems
Wednesday, December 2, 2015 - 13:30 - 15:00
Aug 26 2015
2D Carbides and Nitrides of Transition Metals (MXenes): Synthesis, Structure and Energy Storage Applications
Apr 22 2015
Magnetic Materials at finite Temperatures: thermodynamics and combined spin and molecular dynamics derived from first principles calculations
Apr 13 2015
Pearsall Distinguished Lecture: Computationally Aided Materials Discovery and Design
Apr 8 2015
Novel Sub-Kelvin Cooling Techniques for Space Science Applications
Apr 1 2015
Perspectives on the Status and Future of CIGS Photovoltaic Technology: R&D and Manufacturing
Mar 25 2015
Physics on a Camelback: The Wonder and Applications of a Parallel Dipole Line System - A Novel Magnetic Trap and High Sensitivity Hall System
Mar 18 2015
Microtechnology for Quantitative Mechanobiology
Feb 25 2015
System Modeling and Design for Control: Tensegrity and Helicopters
Dec 3 2014
Gas-Turbine Heat Transfer – Issues and Challenges
Nov 19 2014
The Role of Gas Turbines in Global Energy