Master's Certificates

Nothing propels progress like focus. A graduate certificate enhances your master's degree by focusing a portion of your courses on an emerging field.

The certificates offered to Duke MEMS graduate students flow from our faculty's research discoveries and are guided by the needs of employers and society for technologies poised to make big, positive impacts.

Have something to show employers. Your certificate will be noted on your Duke transcript.

Coming soon: AI in Materials Science, and Robotics & Autonomy

Aerospace Research

Expand your learning experience through a graduate certificate touching on aerodynamics and computational methods

The focused curriculum explores aerodynamics, acoustics, mathematical and computational methods, structures and dynamics and other topics

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Medical Robotics

Design machines that improve lives

Shape the future by enhancing your Duke master's or PhD with the Graduate Certificate in Medical Robotics.

In addition to completing four high-impact courses, you'll join a special community — the uncommonly collaborative engineering and medical research neighborhood clustered just a few hundred meters apart along Duke's Research Drive.

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Explore light-based technologies as pathways to high-impact research

Wondrous light, which acts like both a wave and particle. Light-based technologies are poised to bring faster speed and greater accuracy to communications, computing, health care and more

Offered through our partner the Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics at Duke.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate

Build your confidence to launch a startup

For aspiring innovators and founders from any of Duke’s graduate and professional graduate programs, including engineering.

Complement your degree, support your career goals and expand your professional network, all while learning how to turn your ideas into impacts

Offered through Duke’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative, a university-wide program.

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