Characterization work in the Duke Share Materials Instrumentation Facility


Duke Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science is designing the future of mechanical systems and materials.

Our research is focused on solving some of the biggest challenges facing humanity and our planet, including clean and abundant energy, reliable autonomous technology, and biomechanical devices and biomaterials to improve human health. Aligned with these efforts, our faculty also employ advanced computational tools, such as AI, to accelerate the design of mechanical systems and the discovery of new materials.

Duke MEMS Research Areas

turbines with text AERO

Aerodynamics & Aeroelasticity

Working at the intersection of fluid mechanics, structural mechanics and dynamics, we are investigating a diverse range of aerospace problems

hand releasing drone with text AUTONOMY

Autonomous Systems

Duke MEMS researchers are at work on methods of robust and optimal control and automation, especially in systems that operate in challenging environments

magnified biomaterials with text BIO

Biomechanics & Biomaterials

We are exploring natural phenomena to inspire new biomaterials as well as engineering clinically relevant analytical and biomechanical solutions

illustration of circuitry and a human profile with text COMPUTING/AI

Computation & Artificial Intelligence

Our faculty advance scientific computing and develop new computational approaches, including artificial intelligence, to apply to engineering challenges

research illustration of liquid copper with text ENERGY

Energy Systems & Materials

Duke MEMS faculty are leaders in developing new energy materials, improving energy-related technologies and exploring underlying chemistry and physics

Illustration of a polymer molecule with text SOFT/NANO

Soft Matter & Nanoscale Materials

Our faculty lead in the computational discovery of new matter and the investigation and creation of polymers, soft-wet materials and nanomaterials

Duke MEMS Research Facts

Major research Initiatives

Duke MEMS faculty participate in interdisciplinary research initiatives including: