MEMS Graduate Student Committee


Work with the Director of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Program Coordinator to recruit, educate, and promote graduate students within the Duke Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science.

Examples of committee activities

  • Weekly MEMS graduate student newsletter
  • Monthly MEMS Social Hour
  • Annual MEMS retreat
  • Graduate seminar series
  • Outings and activities: Baseball Games, rock climbing, soccer, flag football
  • Service: Habitat for Humanity

See the MEMS Graduate Student Committee calendar of events


Luke CaulkinsLuke Calkins

Hometown: Kansas City, Kan.

Undergrad: University of California, San Diego

Research: Robotics and controls

Lab: Michael Zavlanos

Why I joined: To give back to the department, and help new students feel at home and a sense of community in the department.

What I like most about Duke MEMS: I like how our department promotes collaboration across disciplines. I also really enjoy how close a lot of the grad students are.


Richi ChenRichi Chen

Hometown: Taipei City, Taiwan

Undergrad: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Research: Stand-up paddle board dynamic and stability.

Lab: Brian Mann

Why I joined: To grow Masters and international students’ engagement at MEMS events. I send the weekly MEMS graduate student newsletter.

What I like most about Duke MEMS: People at Duke MEMS are always supportive.


Yaying FengYaying Feng

Hometown: Beijing, China

Research: Energy materials, such as semiconductor materials fabrication and energy device designs.

Lab: Stefan Zauscher

Why I joined: The committee is a great family. Here you can know more people, have more fun things to do, and make more friends.

What I like most about Duke MEMS: Its dynamic student group. We are energetic, creative and collaborative. Go MEMS!


Kevin McHughKevin McHugh

Hometown: Shrewsbury, Pa.

Undergrad: Lafayette College

Research: Nonlinear deflections of beams and plates.

Lab: Earl Dowell

Why I joined: To help foster the bond between students across our broad range of research topics.

What I like most about Duke MEMS: The camaraderie between students while everyone has an individual research projects to call their own.


Amy KingAmy King

Undergrad: University of Massachusetts Amherst

Research: Probabilistic models of decompression sickness.

Lab: Laurens Howle

Why I joined: To become involved in new student recruitment. I am also the MEMS representative in the Duke University Graduate and Professional Student Council General Assembly.


Michael LeeMichael Lee

Undergrad: Clarkson University

Research: Turbulence and reduced-order modeling.

Lab: Earl Dowell

Why I joined: To help shape the MEMS graduate student community for future students. I also represent MEMS on the Duke Engineering Graduate Student Council and manage the MEMS Grant and Fellowship Community.


Korine OhiriKorine Ohiri

Hometown: Burtonsville, Md.

Undergrad: University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Research: Developing acoustofluidic devices for cellular processing on a chip.

Why I joined: To keep a pulse of what's going on in the department outside of microfluidics, and to have a platform to organize service/ social events.

What I like most about Duke MEMS: People are inviting and easy to get along with.


David Raudales

Hometown: Tampa, Fla.

Undergrad: Duke University

Research: Acoustic modeling.

Lab: Donald Bliss

Why I joined: To provide mentorship and to assist with recruitment. I initiated the monthly graduate social hour.

What I like most about Duke: Helping lead the campout event for Duke basketball tickets, and attending the Duke-UNC game with my fellow Cameron Crazies.


Misha SavchenkoMisha Savchenko

Hometown: New York, N.Y.

Undergrad: Hunter College

Research: Robotics

Why I joined: During my first visit, the MEMS Graduate Student Committee made me feel very invited and comfortable, which played a role in my decision to choose Duke. I want to share that same feeling with others.

What I like most about Duke MEMS: The MEMS community is extremely approachable and friendly, and has an great atmosphere of curiosity.


Dane SequeiraDane Sequeira

Undergrad: University of California, San Diego

Lab: Brian Mann

Research: Nonlinear mathematics models and computational investigations for designing ocean energy harvesting buoys.

Why I joined: To contribute to the department, and to inform potential undergraduate students about the opportunities for graduate studies at Duke.

What I like most about Duke MEMS: The sense of community and lively social events.