Robot head with a face and green numbers coming out the back Featured

October 28, 2022 | Duke Engineering Magazine

The Roboticists Are Coming

Duke Robotics is expanding its areas of expertise with the hiring of Siobhan Oca and Boyuan Chen

March 13, 2013

Duke, Peer Schools Announce International Scholarship Focused on Global Grand Challenges

Eight US universities including Duke have established the Vest Scholarship

March 02, 2013

Theory Guides Experimentation

Duke's Stefano Curtarolo provides the theoretical underpinning for creating novel materials with distinctive properties

January 31, 2013

Novel Materials Shake Ship Scum

Ships may soon be able to shed the unwanted accumulation of bacteria and other marine growth with the flick of a switch.

January 23, 2013

Controlled Crumpling Key to Artificial Muscle

Duke engineer Xuanhe Zhao on the challenge of controlling graphene