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man and woman at conference discussing research while woman points at poster

May 18, 2022

Triangle Soft Matter Workshop Reunites Materials Researchers in Person

The symposium drew 180 from Duke, NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill to discuss polymers, biomaterials and more

A small box the size of a dime with yellow electrodes running through it

March 24, 2022

Cells Dancing to Harmonic Duets Could Enable Personalized Cancer Therapies

Acoustic tweezers manipulate particles and cells with complex sound waves

wooden spoon holding granulated and cubes of table sugar

January 18, 2022 | New Atlas

Eco-Friendly Plastics Made From Sugars Boast "Unprecedented" Properties

Pursuing more sustainable alternatives, Duke materials scientist Matt Becker and University of Birmingham colleagues have produced a new form of plastic using sugar alcohols

Two pictures of a copper-colored square attached to a white piece of fabric, one with five rows of open vents and the other with the vents closed

December 16, 2021

Innovative Textile Vents to Release Heat When You Sweat

Moisture opens the vents, rather than electronics

two women working in a science lab

November 23, 2021 | Duke Today

Duke Science and Technology is 'Accepting the Challenge'

The faculty recruitment and retention effort, called Duke Science and Technology, will give the university resources to expand core strengths in Duke’s research, extending to nearly every corner of the university.

graphic of radiative cooling mode vs solar heating mode

October 28, 2021

Smart Material Switches Between Heating and Cooling in Minutes

Deployed on roofs or facades, passive technology could greatly reduce HVAC energy consumption in buildings

artist's rendering of a polymer network

October 20, 2021

Duke Soft Matter Symposium Attracts Worldwide Audience

Duke Materials Initiative’s milestone event on polymer networks engages 300+ attendees from 16 nations

September 02, 2021 | Duke Today

NSF Creates Polymer Chemistry Optimization Center at Duke for Future Materials

The National Science Foundation has awarded a five-year, $20 million grant to Duke University researchers to explore and optimize the chemical structure and physical properties of individual molecules in a polymer network.

an aerial photo of a field of many rows of solar energy arrays

August 10, 2021

Addressing Climate Change with Energy Materials

Duke engineers and materials scientists are discovering and designing new materials to meet energy demands for a more sustainable future


June 08, 2021 | Duke Today

$100 Million to Advance Duke Science and Technology Research

The Duke Endowment of Charlotte, N.C., is supporting Duke University’s efforts to expand its faculty in computation, materials science and the resilience of the body and brain by completing the second phase of a $100 million investment. This is the largest award Duke University has ever received.