Duke MEMS in the News

Check out the latest media coverage of Duke mechanical engineering and materials science research and education.

The Chronicle | July 13, 2021

Healing Wounds and Regrowing Bones: Duke Faculty Develop Futuristic Biomaterial Implants

Featuring Ken Gall, Shyni Varghese, Matthew Becker

New Scientist | July 12, 2021

Smart Fabric Radiates Heat to Keep You Cooler in the Sun

Featuring Po-Chun Hsu

BBC Sounds | May 26, 2021

Why Time Flies (and How to Slow It Down)

Featuring Adrian Bejan

New Atlas | March 26, 2021

Robotic Dragonfly Skims Across Water to Detect Oil Spills and Acidity

Featuring Shyni Varghese

Cosmos | March 22, 2021

How Perovskites Twist

Featuring Olivier Delaire

The New York Times | February 23, 2021

Engine Maker Under Scrutiny After Series of Aircraft Mishaps

Featuring Robert Kielb