Fillng the THz Gap: Design and Analysis of Micro-Klystron

Merc Verdiel
Special Instructions: 
Lunch and beverages will be served
Friday, September 28, 2007 - 12:00pm
Hudson Hall Room 216
Seminar Contact(s): 
Elizabeth Irish or Justin Jaworski
Semester & Year: 
Fall 2007
Between the infra-red and microwave bands in the electromagnetic spectrum exists what is known as the Terahertz Gap. THz radiation is difficult to produce using conventional optics and electronics. This research explores another possible method, using Vacuum Tubes, a technology that saw its heyday half a century ago. By applying advanced micro-machining and MEMS in the production of vacuum tubes, it is possible to produce sizable amounts of terahertz radiation. The present research is concerned with design and optimization of a tube called a Klystron, as well as tailoring a fabrication process capable of producing devices within the necessary tolerances.