MEMS SEMINAR: Soft Robotics using Shape Memory Materials for Wearable Technology Applications

Mar 29

This event has passed.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023 – 12:00PM to 1:00PM


Bradley Holschuh ( University of Minnesota)

ABSTRACT: Dr. Holschuh will discuss recent advancements, opportunities, and
challenges associated with wearable soft robotic systems. In particular, he will
focus on the use of shape memory materials as soft robotic actuators for on-body
robotic applications, and discuss actuator strategies, garment integration
architectures, and potential use cases, featuring ongoing work in the UMN
Wearable Technology Laboratory (WTL).

DR. BRADLEY HOLSCHUH is an Associate Professor of Apparel Design at the University of Minnesota, where he serves as Co-Director of the Wearable Technology Laboratory (WTL) and Director of Graduate Studies for the Human Factors and Ergonomics (HFE) graduate program. He earned his BS ('07), dual MS ('10), and PhD ('14) degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where as a NASA Space Technology Research Fellow (NSTRF) in the Man-Vehicle Laboratory (MVL) he researched advanced materials for next generation space suits. At UMN, Dr. Holschuh's research focuses on the use of wearable technology to improve human performance both in space and on Earth, with a specific focus on integrating active materials technology into wearable systems. His work encompasses wearable technology, soft robotics, human factors design, textile engineering, aerospace engineering / bioastronautics, and materials science. He holds the additional title of UMN Distinguished University Teaching Professor and is a member of the UMN Academy of Distinguished Teachers.

Host: Dan Buckland