MEMS Graduate Student Seminar: How to Reverse Engineer Anything

Nov 15

This event has passed.

Friday, November 15, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Dr. David Needham

If you want to be an engineer and/or use engineering principles in your research, then everything you would do is, by definition, encapsulated in "Materials Engineering Design Methodology". In order to learn what is, and how to use, "Materials Engineering Design" I have taken a new approach to educating engineers and other scientists. We Reverse Engineer problems "X" solved, where "X" could be nature, engineers, or a range of professions that have solved problems using various device-based solutions. Why do we reverse engineer problems that have already been solved? Because they were not solved by you and because we know all the answers. The result is that when you go through this reverse engineering process you become an inventor and innovator yourself. Reverse engineering is an invention and innovation generator, which to me is the goal of all education, for you to be stimulated to have your own ideas.