MEMS Seminar: Nanoscale Manipulations of Light, Mass and Energy Using Plasmonic Technology

Nov 8

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Professor Yuebing Zheng

By coupling electromagnetic field to coherent oscillation of free electrons, surface plasmons concentrate light beyond the free-space diffraction limit. We exploit plasmonic technology to manipulate light, mass and energy at the nanoscale for emerging applications. Herein, I present our progresses in three categories. (1) Plasmon-enhanced optothermal manipulations of colloidal particles and biological cells at low optical power and with simple optics. New techniques include bubble-pen lithography, thermophoretic tweezers, and Lego-like assembly. Their applications in nanofabrication, in-situ surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and cellular biology are discussed [1-4]. (2) Plasmon-enhanced resonant energy transfer and hot-electron injection at metal-molecule and metal-semiconductor hybrids (including atomic-layer 2D materials). Their applications in fluorescence enhancement, rewritable nanophotonics and solar water splitting are discussed [5-7]. (3) Light manipulation with moire metamaterials and metasurfaces. The applications include chiral sensing, multi-band optical spectroscopy, optical capture of bacteria, and photothermal denaturation of proteins [8-11]. Lunch will be served at 11:30 am.