MEMS Seminar: 3D Architected Materials Across Length and Time Scales

Apr 7

This event has passed.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 – 12:00PM to 1:00PM


Dr. Carlos Portela

Dr. Carlos Portela presents: 3D Architected Materials Across Length and Time Scales
Location: Virtual ZOOM Seminar

In this talk, we discuss advances in our understanding of architected materials by: (i) proposing numerical and theoretical tools that predict the behavior of architected materials with non-ideal geometries, (ii) presenting a pathway for scalable fabrication of tunable nano-architected materials, and (iii) exploring the response of nano- and micro-architected materials under three types of dynamic loading. We first explore the mechanics of lattice architectures with features at the micro- and millimeter scales, and discuss the effect of nodes (i.e., junctions) to obtain more accurate computational and theoretical predictive tools. Going beyond lattices, we propose alternative node-less geometries that exhibit extreme mechanical resilience at the nanoscale, and we harness self-assembly processes to demonstrate a pathway to fabricate them in cubic-centimeter volumes while maintaining nanoscale resolution. Lastly, we venture into the dynamic regime by designing, fabricating, and testing micro-architected materials that exhibit vibrational band gaps in the MHz regime as well as nano-architected materials with extreme energy absorption upon microparticle supersonic impact.