MEMS/FIP Seminar: Nano Photonics for Vision of Future Machines

Oct 20

This event has passed.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 – 12:00PM to 1:00PM


Dr. Zongfu Yu

MEMS Seminar and FIP Presents: Dr. Zongfu Yu of the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Topic: Nano Photonics for Vision of Future Machines
Location: Fitzpatrick Schiciano 1466 B/ZOOM:

Conventional vision systems are mostly based on imaging sensors consisting of arrays of light-sensitive pixels, each of which measures the intensity of light falling upon it. Such pixels cannot directly acquire other important multimodal information of light, such as its incident angle, wavelength, and phase. While the intensity information is sufficient for conventional applications such as photography, it has significant limitations in advanced vision tasks. We will show a new class of photodetectors enabled by Nano photonics that can measure multimodal information of light waves. Although multimodal information can be measured through conventional optics such as lenses, prisms, and gratings, these components are difficult to integrate on chip.