Fanny Besem

Application and Consultant Engineer
Duke Aerospace MEng Alumna, 2012

Fanny BesemI come from Belgium and I chose to study at Duke University because of the strong aerospace program it offers and the knowledge and international reputation of the professors in the Department of Mechanical Engneering and Materials Science.

I liked the variety of classes in the program; it opened my horizons further, beyond the aerospace field.

I learned about business and entrepreneurship, in addition to my specialization in mathematics and aerospace. This diversity of skills made me a stronger job candidate.

Classes are small and the professors are always willing to spend time when you need extra explanation or guidance. I always felt a great support from the department and the professors during my master’s degree program.

Studying aerospace at Duke was an amazing experience that allowed me to interact with people from all over the world. The program stresses the importance of teamwork as a key skill in the global economy. The skills I developed by working with students of different cultures and backgrounds have been of tremendous importance during my career.

The Pratt School of Engineering also offers many opportunities for extracurricular involvement, from organizing student-led social events to giving back to the community by building houses and introducing K-12 students to science.

Between the state-of-the-art courses and the Duke spirit that runs through the campus, I am convinced that studying aerospace at Duke was the best choice I have made for my future.