Guglielmo Scovazzi

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Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Guglielmo Scovazzi received B.S/M.S. in aerospace engineering (summa cum laude) from Politecnico di Torino (Italy); and M.S. and Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Stanford University. Before coming to Duke, he was a Senior Member of the Technical Staff in the Computer Science Research Institute at Sandia National Laboratories (Albuquerque, NM).

Dr. Scovazzi’s research interests include finite element and advanced numerical methods for computational fluid and solid mechanics. His research emphasizes accurate computational methods aimed at reducing the overall design/analysis costs in multiphase porous media flows, highly transient compressible and incompressible flows, turbulent flows, and complex geometry systems in solid mechanics.

Appointments and Affiliations
  • Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Faculty Network Member of The Energy Initiative
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  • Ph.D. Stanford University, 2004

Research Interests:

Finite element methods, computational fluid and solid mechanics, multiphase porous media flows, computational methods for fluid and solid materials under extreme load conditions, turbulent flow computations, instability phenomena.


Computational Mechanics

Awards, Honors, and Distinctions:

    Courses Taught:
    • CEE 421L: Matrix Structural Analysis
    • CEE 530: Introduction to the Finite Element Method
    • CEE 630: Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis
    • CEE 690: Advanced Topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • EGR 201L: Mechanics of Solids
    • ME 524: Introduction to the Finite Element Method
    • ME 525: Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis

    Representative Publications: (More Publications)
      • Siefert, C; Tuminaro, R; Gerstenberger, A; Scovazzi, G; Collis, SS, Algebraic multigrid techniques for discontinuous Galerkin methods with varying polynomial order, Computational Geosciences, vol 18 no. 5 (2014), pp. 597-612 [10.1007/s10596-014-9419-x] [abs].
      • Zeng, X; Scovazzi, G, A frame-invariant vector limiter for flux corrected nodal remap in arbitrary Lagrangian–Eulerian flow computations, Journal of Computational Physics, vol 270 (2014), pp. 753-783 [10.1016/] [abs].
      • Huang, H; Scovazzi, G, A high-order, fully coupled, upwind, compact discontinuous Galerkin method for modeling of viscous fingering in compressible porous media, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, vol 263 (2013), pp. 169-187 [10.1016/j.cma.2013.04.010] [abs].
      • Gerstenberger, A; Scovazzi, G; Collis, SS, Computing gravity-driven viscous fingering in complex subsurface geometries: A high-order discontinuous Galerkin approach, Computational Geosciences, vol 17 no. 2 (2013), pp. 351-372 [10.1007/s10596-012-9334-y] [abs].
      • Bazilevs, Y; Akkerman, I; Benson, DJ; Scovazzi, G; Shashkov, MJ, Isogeometric analysis of Lagrangian hydrodynamics., J. Comput. Physics, vol 243 (2013), pp. 224-243 [10.1016/] [abs].