The Durham Athletic Park in 1992. From the Wikipedia Commons.

October 13, 2017

Deterring Drones from Ballparks and Botanical Gardens

New grant exploring ways of deterring unwanted drones joins engineers with a AAA baseball stadium and a botanical garden

January 01, 2007

Internship at GE Launched Aviation Career for Wendy Young

Mechanical engineering and materials science major Wendy Young started her senior year with a job in hand. After graduation, she will start on a career in aircraft design and testing as an Edison Scholar at GE Aviation in Cincinnati, Ohio.

January 01, 2007

ME Students Designed Apple Processing Machines for 'Mrs. Smith'

Just how much force does it take to slice a Granny Smith? How about a Fuji? These are questions fall semester students in ME 141: Mechanical Design found themselves asking and answering in order to successfully complete their final projects: to develop a machine that would core and slice apples and [...]

April 01, 2006

Strong Defense Seals Victory in Robotic Basketball Competition

After a series of heated three-minute basketball contests, top prize in the sixth annual March Mayhem competition March 7 went to "Johnny V," a ping pong ball-dunking robot with a ball collection mechanism constructed of tightly strung rubber bands. The robot toppled the evening’s best shooter "J.J [...]