This past October, for Family Weekend, undergraduate students and their family members were invited to a dinner at the International House to share with the global community of Duke parents.

November 14, 2017

A Warm Welcome for International Students Arriving on Campus

Although they have different needs, both undergraduate and graduate students receive support to transition from their home countries to their lives as Duke students

May 17, 2007

Clinical Activity for Celsion's Thermodox Reported

Early results from a Phase I clinical study of ThermoDox for treating patients with recurrent breast cancer on the chest wall revealed that after only two cycles of a low-dose, six-cycle regimen, six patients showed early signs of clinically meaningful activity, according to a release issued by [...]

May 08, 2007

'Shock' Engineers for Better Medical Treatment

Pei Zhong’s tireless efforts to technologically fine-tune the shock wave therapy used to pulverize kidney stones are not only leading to better treatment for that painful condition but also opening up surprising new avenues for medical advances, such as by manipulating genes and unleashing genetic [...]

May 01, 2007

Weber wins NDSEG Fellowship

Paul Weber, a first year graduate student in MEMS, has won a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship for which he will receive tuition and fees for three years and an average $31,000 annual stipend. Weber is working with Professor Laurens Howle on his project sponsored [...]

May 01, 2007

Pedrotty and Miller win WiSE OWL Awards

Two of three winners of the first WiSE OWL Award are from Pratt. The winners are Dawn Pedrotty, a graduate student in Professor Nenad Bursac’s lab in BME; Molly Miller, a graduate student in Professor Anne Lazarides’ lab in MEMS; and Audrey Chang, a graduate student in the biology department. The [...]

May 01, 2007

A Career on Wings: Earl Dowell’s Long Fascination with Flight

For Earl Dowell, aerodynamics and structural dynamics expert and dean emeritus of Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering, a fascination with flight began years before he ever got close to an airplane. “When I was a small boy in Illinois, I remember seeing airplanes overhead and thinking: ‘It would be [...]

May 01, 2007

Sixth-Graders Get a 'BOOST' in N.C. Science Fair Competition

Two local sixth-grade girls--both advised by a graduate student “coach” from the Pratt School of Engineering--advanced through local and regional science fair competitions to compete at the state level this year. “The girls are exceptionally bright and very motivated and their hard work was [...]

April 01, 2007

Duke's First Engineers Week Draws a Crowd

Duke's first campus-wide Engineers Week celebration, offering a week-long series of events for both Pratt and Trinity students, proved a big success. The week's grand finale, an E-social loaded with contests and competitions that pitted "Team Pratt" against "Team Trinity," drew more than 500 [...]

March 01, 2007

Taking Advice from Alumni

On Feb. 9, Pratt school alums offered advice to current students at two different forums. Natalie Wisniewski, a medical device consultant who obtained her doctorate in biomedical engineering in Professor Monte Reichert's lab, spoke at a Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) event on enhancing [...]

March 01, 2007

Civic Engagement to Become Integral to a Duke Undergraduate Education

In one of the most ambitious efforts of its kind in U.S. higher education, Duke University will make civic engagement an integral part of its undergraduate experience beginning in 2008, university president Richard H. Brodhead announced on Feb. 12. The university is planning at least three pilot [...]

February 13, 2007

Molecular ‘Fishing’ Technique Paves Way for Advanced Hand-Held Sensing Devices

A new molecular "fishing" technique developed by researchers at Duke University and Duke's Pratt School of Engineering lays the groundwork for future advances in hand-held sensing devices. Hand-held devices used for medical testing or environmental and food-safety monitoring could quickly and [...]