Duke MEMS in the News

Check out the latest media coverage of Duke mechanical engineering and materials science research and education.

Times Higher Education | August 24, 2015

Which Universities Are the Most Innovative?

Featuring David Smith

Energy Quarterly | August 12, 2015

Perovskite Photovoltaics: David Mitzi Addresses the Promises and Challenges

Featuring David Mitzi

Duke Today | June 24, 2015

Engineering Professor Named Director of B.N. Duke Scholarship Program

Featuring Michael Gustafson

Duke Today | June 17, 2015

Engineering Dean Named Provost at the University of Virginia

Featuring Tom Katsouleas

The Daily Mail | June 09, 2015

How To Build the Perfect Fire

Featuring Adrian Bejan

Archinect | June 04, 2015

NASA and Verizon to Partner to Monitor Drones in the US

Featuring Missy Cummings

Duke Magazine | May 28, 2015

Q&A: Drones Fly Into the Future

Featuring Missy Cummings

Campus Technology | April 28, 2015

Big Data Finds Support at Duke U

The Huffington Post | April 21, 2015

Adrian Bejan: "Growth Is Not Evolution"

Featuring Adrian Bejan

Greenville News | April 20, 2015

Complex Challenges Require Bold Engineers

Featuring Tom Katsouleas