Duke MEMS in the News

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TecHome Builder | July 26, 2016

Duke University’s Smart Home Program Ahead of Its Time

Featuring Jim Gaston, Lauren Shum

Vox | July 21, 2016

Campfires, Explained

Featuring Adrian Bejan

AIP Publishing | July 08, 2016

Bouncing Droplets Remove Contaminants Like Pogo Jumpers

Featuring Chuan-Hua Chen

The Guardian | July 05, 2016

Elon Musk's Self-Driving Evangelism Masks Risk of Tesla Autopilot, Experts Say

Featuring Missy Cummings

The Atlantic | June 14, 2016

Why Google’s Driverless Cars Should Go to Honolulu Next

Featuring Missy Cummings

SciWorks Radio | June 06, 2016

If Papa Was A Rolling Stone, He'd Obey The Laws Of Physics

Featuring Adrian Bejan

National Geographic | May 31, 2016

What's the Meaning of Life? Physics.

Featuring Adrian Bejan

The Atlantic | May 10, 2016

Why Drones Make Elephants Go Berserk

Featuring Missy Cummings

Nature | May 05, 2016

Can Artificial Intelligence Create the Next Wonder Material?

Featuring Stefano Curtarolo

Quartz | May 02, 2016

You Can Use Physics to Describe Almost Anything in Life

Featuring Adrian Bejan