VFF: Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics - What Deceptive Data Stories Teach Us About Information Visualization

Sep 30

Friday, September 30, 2016

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Deborah Littlejohn & New Information Environments Studio - Graphic Design Program, NC State

As the process of transforming data and its understanding into compelling form, visualization enables us to observe, understand and make sense of information. In this sense, a visualization is a lot like a "map." But maps lie. Most lies are obvious, even useful, like the tiny skyscraper building that represents an entire city. Other lies are exaggerations, mere half-truths, and little white lies - as when some detail in the data is prioritized over others to provide us with a clearer, more readable representation. And then there's the third type of lie - deceptions, manipulations, the "whoppers." These are lies showing a bias (deliberate or subconscious). It's hard to see a lie unless you stare at it face-to-face. In our presentation, we will look at a few examples of creative, playful, even mischievous visualizations to see how manipulating data can teach information designers about what's going on behind the numbers.


Zoss, Angela

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