Thermal energy storage using phase change materials

Shiva Ziaei
Friday, April 10, 2015 - 11:45am
Hudson 141
Seminar Contact(s): 
Daniel Real,
Semester & Year: 
Spring 2015

Thermal energy storage using phase change materials


Shiva Ziaei


The fundamentals of heat transfer in phase change material have attracted considerable attention because of the potential use of phase change processes in energy storage applications. This is an effective way of storing thermal energy and has the advantages of high storage capacity and the isothermal nature of the storage process. Here we report the analytical and numerical study of time dependent storage by melting a phase change material. The heating is provided along invading lines, which change from single-line invasion to tree-shaped invasion. The objective is to discover the tree design features that yield the fastest spreading of heat from tree designs. The tree architecture  discovered in this manner is more efficient, in the sense that it accelerates the melting of the material throughout the volume.


Shiva Ziaei is a third year graduate student in the department of mechanical engineering and material science at Duke university. After entering Duke in August 2012, she started her research on the applications of Constructal theory under the supervision of Prof. Bejan. Currently she is working on the design of thermal energy storage systems.