Past Seminars


New Paradigms in Materials Modeling

12:00 pm | Hudson 208

Presenter: Gus Hart, Brigham Young University

ME Seminar Series:The Electronic Structure of Dye-Sensitized TiO2 Clusters

11:30 am | Hudson Hall 232

Presenter: Noa Marom, Tulane University


2D Materials: Synthesis, Catalysis, and Photonics

11:30 am | Hudson Hall 222

Presenter: Linyou Cao, NCSU

ME Seminar Series: Phase Separation of Polymeric Gels

11:30 am | Hudson Hall 212

Presenter: Wei Hong, Iowa State University

MEMS/WISeNet Seminar Series: Precision Motion Control with Manufacturing Applications

11:30 am | Hudson Hall 212

Presenter: Andrew Alleyne, UIUC

Pumping and Jumping: Toward Simple Rules for Creatures Great and Small

11:30 am | Hudson 208

Presenter: Steve Vogel, Duke