Distributed Convex Optimization and Applications

Nikos Chatzipanagiotis
Special Instructions: 
Lunch will be Served!
Friday, October 4, 2013 - 12:00pm
Hudson Hall Room 115 @ Noon, Lunch will be served.
Seminar Contact(s): 
Wes Ross (weston.ross@duke.edu)
Semester & Year: 
Fall 2013


Speaker: Nikos Chatzipanagiotis


The ever increasing size and complexity of modern day problems, coupled with the

ongoing advancements in massively parallel processing capabilities of contemporary

computers, have recently revealed the need for developing efficient, distributed

computation methods. Distributed algorithms avoid the cost and fragility of collecting all

the required information at a centralized location and alleviate the need for central

coordination. This allows them to scale much better with respect to the problems’

datasizes, be less vulnerable to changes in the problems’ parameters and, in certain cases,

provide better privacy. This presentation will focus on a new distributed convex

optimization algorithm and its applications in areas such as multi-agent robotic networks

and model predictive control. Stochastic extensions of the algorithm to address

uncertainty and noise in the parameter space will also be discussed, since real world

applications often involve problem instances with random or unknown parameters, e.g.,

the channel gains in wireless communication networks.






Nikos Chatzipanagiotis is a doctoral student in the Robotics & Automation

Manufacturing Laboratory at Duke University, Durham, NC, working with Prof. Michael

Zavlanos. He received a Diploma in mechanical engineering and a M.Sc in

nanotechnology from the National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece. He

joined Duke University in 2012, after completing two years as a graduate student in

Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ.