Past Graduate Student Seminars


Aeroelastic Stability of Plates in 3-D Flows

6:45 am | Hudson 216

Student: S. Chad Gibbs

Electro-creasing Instability in Deformed Polymers

11:45 am | Hudson 125

Student: Qiming Wang


Nanomechanics of Double Stranded DNA Structures

11:45 am | Hudson 207

Student: Mahir Rabbi

The Effect of Lubricin on Cartilage Friction and Wear

12:00 pm | Hudson 216

Student: Jeffery Coles (Advisor: Zauscher)

Hydrodynamics of Cetacean Flippers

12:00 pm | Hudson 216

Student: advisor Dr. Laurens Howle

Nanomechanics of Poly Nucleic Acids Probed with AFM Based Force Spectroscopy

12:00 pm | Hudson 216

Student: Mahir Rabbi (Advisor: Marszalek)

The effect of Mass Ratio, Solidity, and Frequency Separation on Multi-Mode Fan Flutter

12:00 pm | Hudson 216

Student: Stephen Clark ( Advisor: Kielb)


NIST Building Energy Research Program

12:00 pm | Teer Room 203

Student: Dr. A. Hunter Fanney and Chris Currens